FIRST LEGO League Ongoing Program Support Team

Meet our Program Director for FIRST LEGO League, Neva Maynard!

Neva has been a volunteer for FIRST for over 6 years and has been a lead judge in both our local championships and at several FIRST World Festivals!

We look forward to the value and insight Neva will bring to our region!

FIRST Robotics Society is excited to announce nine new FLL volunteer roles to compliment the Program Director position! If you would like to take on any of these roles, please email neva(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)! All roles will receive training and support. We look forward to welcoming you to our team of volunteers!

FIRST LEGO League Team Support

  • Game & Mission Support
  • Mindstorms EV3 & Robot Building

Team Growth, Development & Retention

  • One located in Calgary, and one located in Edmonton
  • Helps plan coach trainings, connects students with local teams, provides information and support on starting a team, and finds area’s of opportunity for team growth

Public Relations & Outreach

  • One in Calgary & one in Edmonton
  • Attends tradeshows, Expo’s, promote FLL at official events & provides demonstrations for potential coaches

Marketing & Online Advertising

  • Keeps the website up to date
  • Posts on social media
  • Oversees Online Advertising for events and volunteer recruitment
  • Updates Coaches Corner and Student Spotlight Blogs

Finances & Budget

  • Oversees yearly expenses, including unofficial events & official tournaments
  • Works closely with Katherine McKinnon & Russell Weir

Alumni & Post-FLL Relations

  • Keeps in touch with former coaches and team members
  • Invites them back as volunteers & encourages participation in FTC or FRC, and FLL mentorship

Sponsorship & VIP Relations

  • Scouts for new organization and event sponsors
  • Liaison of Sponsors and VIP’s at events

Fundraising Initiatives & Scholarship

  • Create/execute a monthly fundraising  program
  • Oversees scholarship program

Guardian of the Trailer

  • Oversees and stores all FLL tournament materials