Robot in 3 Days

Robot in 3 Day Build

Each year, upon the launch of the FRC Challenge during the KickOff, Post-Secondary Student Teams as well as Amateur & Professional Robotics groups around the world participate in the “Robot in 3 Days” or “Ri3D” challenge.

The idea is to build an FRC robot in 3 days, while documenting the design and build process. These builds are a great opportunity for FRC students to see how more experienced robotics enthusiasts (aka “The Pros”) approach the FRC challenges. It is also a great way for FRC teams to learn what works, what doesn’t, and to get some ideas around robot design and strategy.

For FRC teams in Calgary, there are two groups participating in the Ri3D challenge:


A group of SAIT students will be building a robot, and will also be helping out during the KickOff & QuickBuild event. Their build will be at SAIT Polytechnic in the Aldred Building Food Court/Mechatronics lab. The build will be commencing on Saturday January 9th, and continuing until Tuesday. The public may visit and view the build during regular SAIT business hours. They will be livestreaming their build on their website and on youtube:

SAIT Ri3D Website

SAIT Ri3D YouTube



A group of U of C Students who are FIRST alumni will be performing their Ri3D build out of the 18th Scout Hall (1919 19 St Sw, Calgary, AB). The public is welcome to visit and view the build during the following times:

Saturday Jan 9: 2-4 PM

Sunday Jan 10: 2-4 PM

Monday Jan 11: 5-7 PM

Tuesday Jan 12: 5-6 PM

TESLA Ri3D Website

TESLA Ri3D YouTube