Practice Field

2016 FRC Practice Field

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This year we are very fortunate to have Ambyint as a sponsor. Ambyint has generously agreed to provide some space in their facility to be used as a practice field for all FRC Teams in the Calgary area.

We have assembled dimensionally accurate field and game obstacles for teams to practice with. We have constructed them out of lumber and plywood, so teams should be aware that they will not be quite as smooth or slippery as the actual Plexi-Glass game field at the tournament.

The schedule for the space is below:AmbyintPracticeFieldSchedule



If your team would like to use the practice field, that is awesome! The more the merrier. We do however, have a few conditions:

1) At least 1 Mentor/Coach/Parent MUST be with the team

2) At least 1 Member of your team MUST RSVP using this link (You can choose which date/time your team wants to attend on the ticketing page):


3) Please refrain from using power tools. This is an active work space and we need to remember that. The space is to be used for Practicing, and not Building. Minor adjustments/repairs with hand tools are fine, but please use your common sense here.

4) Have Fun!

Google Map to Location

There are plenty of food options in the near vicinity of this space, as well as a hardware store within walking distance.